Apparently fraud abounds

I just received a foreclosure notice to a property. It was for two of DH’s family members. One has passed away in the last few years and one still living. It reads funny like it’s my debt. I looked the property up and the tax map doesn’t show my name on it. I am wondering if they somehow listed me for the executor of the person who died? I am not. Of course it’s Saturday and the attorney that sent it is closed for the day. I messaged the living relative asking what the crap? So far no answer. It is a FHA loan. Can this effect my husbands disability? There was a funeral home bill I didn’t sign a loan for. The funeral home sent me a bill for it only because the owner is my friend. I had told him if the bill didn’t get paid to send it to me and I would pay it. Could that have somehow got me flagged as a executor? As far as I know nobody ever legally filed as executor. GRRR !! What should I do?