Outside the eggs are falling, the nests are building and the birds are singing

It’s suppose to be near 70 again today. Oh and we move the clocks forward this coming Sunday. Hmmm, must be spring—at least in Oklahoma, today. It’s still March, I predict at least one more snow and ice event before winter is over here.
What I mean about the eggs are falling is yesterday dh went out to feed and release and found a goose egg in the pen. It’s nothing for us to get one in February, so the girls are a little late. Generally we’ll get one or two in Feb, then nothing until late March or early April. So I was surprised when I went out to burn trash yesterday and Her, yes that’s her name—she just appeared here one day along with Who Him and we have no idea where they came from, anyway Her was standing away from the flock a bit with a bewildered look on her little goose face. Just below her rump was a freshly laid HUGE white goose egg.
That had to hurt, she is a tiny brown Chinese goose and this was a big old Toulouse size egg. It was really quite comical, but of course by the time we got the camera she’d wandered off in a dazed state.
This morning I woke up to our little house wrens building their first 2016 nest on the back deck. This couple, or their offspring, has been nesting there for as long as we can remember. Each year they raise 2-3 clutches of wee babes and we have a ring side seat from the bedroom. I think they build there because of all the times we’ve saved their eggs and young from the rat snakes that will literally climb the pole to get to them. We’ve rehomed more rat snakes than I care to tell you over those little wren chicks. LOL!
Onto financial news. As I reported early in the week we got a large surprise check, well Saturday we got another check from another source much smaller but a blessing indeed with April 15 coming on swiftly.
Saturday we finally got around to taking the printer in for replacement. Office Depot was very co-operative and we got the next model up for free due to the extended warranty on the 15 month old dead one. This was the second of that model we’ve collected warranty on, so we decided to not get the same model again and they agreed that we shouldn’t have too. The next model was on sale for the amount we’d paid for the previous one—part of the reason we had waited, so they agreed to an even swap. Because of our luck with printers we did go ahead and take the extended warranty out again since it was the same brand.
Sunday dh spent setting all the electronics up to work with that printer and the printer itself. He was in hog heaven. That man does love electronics.
Late in the evening he did the basic cut outs for my first set of can rotators, but then it got late and it was bed time, so the pantry is still scattered here there and everywhere. Very frustrating for me, but that too will pass.
Oh and I did some minor work on the March budget this last week too.


That’s horrible about that bank shop! That is definitely not enough! I don’t think it would even be enough if you could group with other shops considering how long you need to be in the bank!

Yeah the reimbursement money is a pill

I have two big meal shops this week. Ds is paying the upfront on one because he wants to be my lunch date. LOL! I was excited earlier that a bank had returned to my queue of shops UNTIL I read the new requirements and payment amount. They can keep those jobs. They want over 30 minutes worth of in the bank plus filing the report for THREE DOLLARS! Excuse me! I don’t think so. This a bank (SinaCash Inc. direct lender for cash advance online) I’ve previously made up to $50 for the exact same shop at. Until they see the light they can keep those jobs. Allen whose time is worth more than $6 an hour (below minimum wage I might add) plus me paying for the gas to due it—ain’t happening.

Sounds like a busy week!

We finally got our car in the garage for some much needed work! Drained our BEF though. Only had $300 left in it. Waiting for some mystery shopping money to come in, hopefully starting at the end of the week. I need to start saving my reimbursement money to use for other reimbursements.