We actually had a fairly slow week

Dh had a really bad cold that kept him home from work on Friday and then again yesterday. We thought it was going into pneumonia at one point, but he says he’s better today and he went back to work.
I sold one $12 book and collected the last bit of money on a small debt someone owed us. That helped some.
All of dh’s temporary fixes finally gave up on the battery/alternator problem with the Silverado. Dh checked the alternator again and all the tests showed it was fine. That meant the real problem was both batteries, which were under 2 years old. Since they had a full replacement warranty on them we went to Wal-Mart on Saturday and go them replaced for free. ($225 value)
We heard some “loud” voices while our truck was in the bay and then dh overheard one employee tell another one she was going to get a LOT of baking soda and would be right back. It seems when they pulled one of the batteries out it literally fell apart! Thank goodness dh hadn’t taken it out at home and brought the batteries in. The batteries both had a manufacturing defect and that was what our problem had been. Today dh will be checking the two in the camper to see if they are the same brand because they were purchased about the same time. We are having problems with them as well. He will definitely be wearing protective clothing when he pulls them out since that one fell apart!
While trying to keep the place quiet while dh slept I spent a lot of time doing price researches for all the rendezvous items I will be listing this week, and digging up a lot of things to sell.
Ds and I also did some work in the garden. We have a lot of volunteer plants of what we were going to plant and they all look very healthy. Talk about cut our work down! No planting needed, and we’ve been getting plenty of rain. So it’s just been weeding around them so far. The garden has potatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, sage, chives and grapes in it so far. We’re hoping to get more in soon.
I discovered that the bank I made so much money off of last year mystery shopping has FINALLY started offering shops again this month. So I’ll be lining up shops with them for this week. YES!
Did some on our “scorched earth” plan in the sunroom. So far everything I’ve culled has gone into the recycling and charity bags, but that’s fine, at least the clutter is gone!
Like I said, not much done this week.