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Ahhh haaa!

Which is on the lines of what I said, AND means you are in no way liable. Go out and swing with the kids, enjoy the product of your long labor this last few weeks.

Then they definitely got your name from the funeral home

Did you sign the check you guys sent? The good news is YOU don’t have an income, they can’t garnish you. LOL! BTW, when you called the lawyer did you call the phone number on the letter, or did you look up the phone number in the phone book or online? Scam artists aren’t above using real lawyers names, but redirecting mail and phone calls.

Very likely

I take it she’s the family member you can’t get hold of. Even if they have a lien on the property you didn’t sign any papers, you aren’t liable and a decent lawyer would know that. Like I said, no legal paperwork, no executor, no problem for you. People can bluff all they want, but without a legal contract you cannot be held liable for any of it.
Re-read the letter you got, does it actually read that it’s a bill, or is it a legal notification that there is a lawsuit being filed? If it’s the later one, then they simply sent it to Pete because he’s an heir in the eyes of the law and they are required to do so.

We are the only relatives other than Pete’s kids

The bill has been paid in full not by me. It is the bill we were talking about last week. The attorney is a local well know firm. I was talking about them being able to garnish his disability. We are close I think to actually being able to get it after a year long battle. Raymond catch me on Facebook later if you have time. 🙂

I’m thinking bottom feeder debt collector trying to trick you into paying a debt that wasn’t yours

Have you looked up the lawyer online to see if they are even actually a lawyer? If so what type of lawyer? We did this with the mess of two weeks ago (ahhh the wonder silence since then) and discovered the “lawyer” that called the broker wasn’t even that type of lawyer he was a job counseling lawyer and not trained in financial matters at all. It also appears he didn’t even make the call that some one else did and just used his name as a scare tactic. So Sorry Charlie it failed. I don’t’ scare that easily. So google the guy, make sure he’s a real estate loan lawyer that works with the FHA.
First of all to be appointed as an executor there is a legal procedure to follow. One that you would have to notified of. You cannot be made or forced to be an executor if you don’t want to be. Trust me there is a lot of work involved in being one you’d never dream of. If you were never legally appointed the executor either by the court or the government (ie: ss will appoint executors where ss money is concerned if it has been put into savings and the person dies intestate) and you did not sign any paperwork for either the property or the funeral you cannot be legally billed or even contacted for those debts. This is due to privacy laws.
Did you pay the funeral home bill? Was it paid in full by anyone. Is this the one the niece paid? Because I’m thinking some bean counter for the funeral home went through old records and saw a note that you’d pay the bill if the family didn’t and never followed up to see it was paid. If it’s the bill you mentioned last week, then that’s how they got your name and address and they are looking for a sucker to pay this other debt. At some point the funeral home may have filed a lien against the property and if such a note was in the file then they thought “ahhh haaa a victim”. They don’t know you very well do they? Please remember that just because your friend is the owner of the funeral home it doesn’t mean they handle the books. Many companies hire their bookkeeping out. And if they are still working on getting your refund to you the “lawyer” may be trying to grab that check, which he has NO right to. If the niece did just pay off the funeral home bill and the funeral home still has a lien against the property then the funeral home simply needs to release the lien.
Anyway, if the funeral home has a lien against the house and the house is now legally in foreclosure the mortgage people are trying to get as many of the other liens off the property as possible so they get more of the money from the sale of the house. In order to do this they have to notify all parties that might have a vested interested in the property.
Another thing to consider is you said it was your dh’s family’s property, they may be going through all possible heirs to avoid legal complications from generations to come. Have any of the other family members received a similar notice?
Long and short of it this should not affect the disability in any way. It’s not income, it’s a bill. It’s not your debt and even if it was debt has nothing to do with getting disability. If it did almost everyone on disability would be kicked off. You can’t be made executor without your permission. There is a legal proceeding to being appointed one and you would have to agree to it. So chill, it will work out.

Apparently fraud abounds

I just received a foreclosure notice to a property. It was for two of DH’s family members. One has passed away in the last few years and one still living. It reads funny like it’s my debt. I looked the property up and the tax map doesn’t show my name on it. I am wondering if they somehow listed me for the executor of the person who died? I am not. Of course it’s Saturday and the attorney that sent it is closed for the day. I messaged the living relative asking what the crap? So far no answer. It is a FHA loan. Can this effect my husbands disability? There was a funeral home bill I didn’t sign a loan for. The funeral home sent me a bill for it only because the owner is my friend. I had told him if the bill didn’t get paid to send it to me and I would pay it. Could that have somehow got me flagged as a executor? As far as I know nobody ever legally filed as executor. GRRR !! What should I do?

I talked a guy at work who works on cars

He said it’s idoling too low to keep the battery charged up. There are lots of reason that could happen. Of course without seeing it he didn’t know what. He said it’s small possibility it could be the alternator but he didn’t think so. Hubby took the van to a parts store that will check the starter, alternator, and battery for free. If those all check out, it’s off the the mechanic is will go. Please pray it’s an easy and cheap fix.